How to buy treadmill in payment of monthly installment

buy treadmill in payment of monthly installment

How to buy treadmill in payment of monthly installment

Dear Customers, in Tomas Sport you can purchase non-interest-paying treadmill.

To buy installment according to company procedures, you can at least pay about 30% of the total amount as a deposit (in cash) and the balance (remaining amount) of treadmill fee could be paid in form of monthly installment. Given that our installments are completely non-interest, and also in terms of treadmill prices, our prices are below common market prices. Currently, the maximum installment that you can pay to the company is 5 months.

For this aim, the company will receive the customer’s cheque after inquiry their account. You can pay balance, either monthly in five cheques or even three ones in every 45 days, and also it could be paid in a two-months and a three-months cheque.

To inquire and register in the system, you can send your account or ID  numbers by SMS to the sales experts. Then, they will register your application for treadmill purchase.

Customers who are inside Isfahan can come personally to headquarter of Thomas Co. headquarters and check out all the treadmills and eventually verify their purchase by paying cash and submitting cheques to the company. Consequently, the merchandise  will be sent for them. In this case, the cost of delivery and installing of the treadmill in the city of Esfahan is with the company and it is free for the customer.

customers who are outside Isfahan can pay deposit to the company (through the credit cards)  and also post cheques as balance. Then we send you the treadmill, according to the discretion of the customer, either delivery by freight to customer’s city or it could be sent through a wagon. In this case, the cost of delivery should be paid by customer.

Noteworthy for all the cherished customers: Thomas will only receive a check for the purchase of installments and we will not accept promissory note or other items.


 Thomas Group’s Trading Company

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