The procedure of face-to-face purchase at Isfahan

sales treadmill on esfahan face to face

The procedure of face-to-face purchase at Isfahan

Dear customers inside or outside of Isfahan who want to make their purchase face-to-face, they can go to the address of unit 12th, 4th floor, Navid 1tomas sport complex, Shariati St., Esfahan, Isfahan, from 9.30 A.M. to 20 P.M. At other times, they can keep in touch by SMS or Telegram. It should be noted that all treadmill models are available inside the company and someone can walk on the treadmill and test it, as well as see the apparent appearance and difference of models. In this case, Thomas’s sales experts explain all the performances, programs and their specifications and differences of each models for customers. So that the customer can decide more easily.

The customer can make a purchase during the face-to-face visit by giving an advance payment and then take the cheques to the service during the delivery of the treadmill.

In our face-to-face visit, our experts turn on the treadmill and explain one-on-one buttons and programs on the device. They express all the keys and its performance for the customer and give the necessary training. Also customer can ask their questions associated with treadmill.

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