Treadmill Faq

What should be the best environment and place for treadmill placement?

Treadmills are designed for standard and normal home use. This means that the humidity should be less than 90% and the temperature should be between 13 and 33 ° C. It is better to have a treadmill in a smooth and tilt-free position so that its base is in a level position. Otherwise, the machine will slip and be misbalanced during the workout.

Do not put the treadmill in the place where the direct sunlight is, or in the presence of high dust.

After observing the above, try to consider a place that is open and comfortable and has a modest temperature in heat and cold. Try to make a breathtaking space for you when working out treadmill: for example, listening music or watching serials. A favorite place will increase your performance.

What can I do to keep my treadmill sound for several years?

If you prefer that your treadmill maintains itself performance and efficiency at a standard level for several years, do the following:

  • Provide a suitable mat for your treadmill: A large rubber mat, under a treadmill, prevents dust or pile accumulation, or … which is vacuumed by the suction of the belt and the motor. This also reduces the extra noise and the vibrations that come with running and walking on the treadmill.
  • After completing the training on the treadmill, you must clean all external surfaces of the device with a clean, damp cotton to remove dust and sweat. Salt in sweat is damaging, and in the long term it can rust and damage to treadmill wiring.
  • Every few months, plug out the treadmill and open main cover of the motor and other involved electrical equipment. Then with a vacuum cleaner pipe clean the treadmill and any kind of dust or pile around the treadmill. During this stage, do not hit any sensors and do not plug out anything.
  • If the outer surface of the treadmill and the console of the machine become dirty, clean it with a soaked stainless steel soap solution. Never spray this solution or any other chemical solution on the console, simply wipe it with a cotton, and dry the surface with a damp cotton.
  • Cleaning or lubricating of a treadmill increases the life of the machine and improves its performance. The treadmill lubrication is described in the ” Treadmill Maintenance Conditions”.
  • Once a week, fold the treadmill in standing status and clean under the machine and back it to early stage again.
  • Plug out the treadmill before cleaning or repairing.
  • Never put something on the treadmill.
  • Up to half a meter of treadmill should be gap by other devices.

It should be kept in mind that the distance between the belt and the deck must be same on both sides of the treadmill, so you do not slip when you are running on the treadmill.

How many hours working out with treadmills during a day is appropriate?

Because treadmill is located in gyms or at home and it is always available and every time of a day it can be used, maybe this question might be raised that  how many times a day you can train with a treadmill and how many minutes can you work out?

In general, it is recommended that working out at least 30 minutes aerobic exercise on five days a week to maintain your health. So, if someone is not a professional athlete and does not exercise too much on a  day, not only it does not improve his health, but also increase the chance of injury. Treadmill has some limitations and more use of treadmill means no more benefits. It is advisable to determine the duration and intensity of exercise according to the purpose you have and afterward use the treadmill based on the aim. If you want to use a treadmill for more than half an hour: rest for a quarter of every step. Having proper clothing and shoes is important, check the screws of the machine that should be not loose.

Do I need a fluctuations protection device to plug in the treadmill?

Definitely yes, without a protection device you can easily damage your treadmill. A protection device prevents the intermittence of sudden and abnormal electrical fluctuations with internal treadmill components, especially motor wiring. So, we recommend that you have a fluctuations protection device for your treadmill.

Why does not my treadmill turn on?

If your treadmill is not turned on, first check out a few points before contacting the company’s after-sales service:

  1. Is the main power switch on?
  2. Is the treadmill tight and stable in the electrical outlet?
  3. Is the power output on the wall sound? Connect the other appliances to ensure it is sound or not.
  4. Is the device’s safety key in place?
  5. First, plug out the treadmill, then look for loose cables or torn cables.

If you find the source of the problem and failures, be sure to contact the after sales service or consultants at Thomas Sports or its representatives who you purchased your treadmill.

What is electric shock when using treadmills?

When you’re running on a treadmill, static electricity is naturally occurring in your body, especially in the winter, when the weather is very dry. Electricity is created by the friction between the belt and the treadmill deck. Try to raise the humidity of the room. Wearing natural clothing such as cotton clothing also helps to prevent the accumulation of electricity. Plastic clothing or synthetic materials will, at most, increase the potential of electricity.

I have a pacemaker on my chest, Can I use a treadmill heart rate monitor?

Never use heart rate indicators without consulting your doctor. If your heart has a pacemaker, know that some of the heart rate indicators on a variety of treadmills can affect the performance and efficiency of the pacemaker device in your body.

What should I do if the treadmill console shows just zero numbers?

  1. Replace the batteries first.
  2. Check the optical sensor, and use the instructions in the manual.

What should I do if the treadmill is stopped when I’m running?

When you finish working out with the treadmill and the belt moves again, the contact plan between the belt and the deck of treadmill requires adjustment. The middle of belt the should be 3 to 4 inches from the deck.

If the belt is completely stopped, it can be due to a torn belt and it requires proper lubrication. In these cases, read the manual or contact the company after-sales service to ask your concern.

Why do the sensors on the handles do not work properly and do not have a good response?

The external surfaces of these sensors may be dirty. Clean the metal plates of these sensors with cotton. Make sure your hands are in completely contact with all the lower and upper plates of the handles when you are holding them.

Why is there a repetitive program and processing on the treadmill console?

You will experience this mode only when your treadmill is turned on, but the security key is not in place, which is called demo mode.

To turn off Demo mode:

  1. Press the STOP button and hold it down, and put the security key in place.
  2. Press the SPEED button to turn the mode on or off.
  3. As soon as you change the mode, pull out the security key.

These instructions vary to a certain extent in different treadmill models, so before you do anything, read the treadmill manual especially console-related settings.