Medical notes regarding the use of a treadmill

Medical notes regarding the use of a treadmill

People should be evaluated physically prior to using treadmill to check for symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, heart failure, and heart disease.

People with severe knee pain should not use treadmills.

Considering type, quality and cushioning of treadmills along with matching physical conditions with the correct methods of using treadmills is a necessity.

The speed of the device should be adjusted according to the physical and cardiovascular conditions and statue of arthrosis of the joints.

Nowadays, physicians believe that there does not exist any inactivity associated to such as Orthopedics and even serious heart diseases; in the other words, the exercise is recommended for them those who have knee, joint problems, and arthrosis.

Highlights of using treadmills to prevent physical problems:

۱٫Use treadmills that have a cushions to prevent excess pressure on the back and knees.

  1. When working with a treadmill, use appropriate shoes with an elastic insoles.
  2. Use a slight inclination, adjusting the slope for %1 or %2 can simulate outdoor running more actually. Remember to note that, using treadmill with inclination of higher than %7, may damage to the legs.
  3. Be sure that the safety key should be attached while running on the treadmill.
  4. Do not hold the handles of treadmill, because not only does not holding it allow you to walk on the treadmill with your own will, but also the movement of running belt under your feet causes you to step indeliberately; as a result it may lessen your body balance.
  5. Warm up your body before exercising and working with a treadmill, walk or run slowly for 5 to 10 minutes. Also, at the end of the exercise, it’s best to take 5 minutes and walk slowly and let your heart beat will be dwindled to less than 100 beats per minute, this step is so called cool down.
  6. Steps fast and short, Long steps (stride) may damage and stretch to the back of the leg; should do you step more in a minute, the quality of your jogging is modified properly.
  7. Do not forget to drink water while running on treadmill, because during your exercise, your body loses more water.
  8. While walking do not look at down or even the treadmill screen, because it hurts to the back of your neck.

۱۰٫ Count your steps in this regards you should count the number of hitting foot to belt (per minute) and multiply it by two. Try to increase the number of steps you take by shortening them. Take short steps quickly and do not raise your leg too much from the belt to increase your steps. This exercise will help you to eliminate boredom and tiredness on the treadmill, and even boost your outdoor running.

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