The impact of music on sports activity

impact of music on sports activity

The impact of music on sports activity

Listen to music during any activity, feel less stress on the body.

For some athletes and people walking or riding their bike, listening to music is a necessity, not a fantasy action!

Over the past 10 years, there has been a lot of research on the role of music on calorie consumption and their performance during exercise. And it’s clear that for many people, it’s not possible to exercise without music. Music during exercise can distract our concentration from pain and fatigue, and increase stamina and performance of the body. When we listen to music, we pass a lot more distance or accelerate, and do any sport more quickly than we know.

Choosing the type of music has a huge impact on the effectiveness level, it’s not a matter of choosing high rhythmic or energetic tracks, but it’s important to increase your metabolism by choosing a type of music that is recalling memories and exciting one’s inner feelings.

Body movement with music:

The research was conducted in 1911 showed that when the band was playing music, people walking paces were faster. One of the most important features of sports music is beat and rhythmic response. Most people instinctively shook their heads or beat with fingers while listening to music.

Research conducted in 1960 and 1990 showed that the rhythm of 120 beats per minute or 2 beats per second is the most common rhythm. But most people on the treadmill prefer 160 rpm rhythms, but the higher rhythm does not lead to more stimulation. Depending on the person’s culture and personality, in fact, music compatibility helps the body use its energy more efficiently, when the body moves in harmony with song tracks, and that’s why, the body does not need more effort, it also consumes less energy and lessen its drawbacks.

Another benefit of listening to music during exercise, is distracting person’s concentration, consequently the body symptoms of fatigue after some working out, the body figures out this issue and decides to relax. So the music fights with the mental aspect of the brain control.

Music and Treadmill:

Considering the aforementioned points made about music and sports, it is noteworthy as an athlete, running with treadmill with a preferred music player, can pass more distant without feeling exhausted. Some treadmills are connected by cable (AUX cable) to the person’s cell phone and sound is played with the speakers on the treadmill. In some other treadmills, the sticky flash could connect to the treadmill.

In a cross-sectional studies of 27 students who were running on flat and inclined surfaces of treadmill, with light and fast music, the findings suggested that physical performance in non-music and light and fast music status, has the lowest value and highest value, respectively. Conclusions suggest that light music with high pressure levels could reduce heart rate and calorie consumption while running on the treadmills.

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