Warranty and after-sales service and replacement requirements

Warranty and after-sales service and replacement requirements

Thomas’s Trading Company is the only importer of all kinds of treadmill and parts in Isfahan. Therefore, all treadmills and their parts (except the belt) have unconditional warranty. Unconditional warranty means that in order to draw customer’s satisfaction Thomas will replace damaged parts with new spare parts instead of repairing them. An unconditional guarantee period for home use treadmills is 18 months and 5 years after-sales service, and also for commercial treadmills, 12 months of unconditional warranty and 3 years of after-sales service are considered.

The conditions for replacing treadmill parts in Isfahan are such that, after contacting the company with the company and reviewing its problems, the service of the company comes to customer’s address in order to check the treadmill, and if the treadmill parts need to be replaced, it has been replaced it.

Customers who are in other cities in our country, buying online through the Internet, the procedure of treadmill part replacement will be conducted by representatives of Thomas company located in the customer’s city, or the parts will be sent to the customer, as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that since Tomas Trading Company is the importer of all treadmill parts and accessories, it is assured customers and representatives that they can receive treadmill parts at any time through the company.

Respective representatives and colleagues the warranty and after-sales service procedures for home use and commercial treadmill are in same method as above-mentioned, only agents should keep in mind that the cost of sending treadmill parts themselves and the installation of treadmill at the customer’s home is also with him. These two mentioned items (i.e.;  delivery and installation) are same either inside or outside Isfahan. Therefore, we provide the required parts and the representative should take responsibility for replacing them for the customer.

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